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Corporate Culture


Trustful, innotative, harmonious and progressive.
   ◆Trustful: be trustful to our clients is our basic principle.
   ◆ Innovative: be creative and think out of box.

   ◆ Harmonious: offers a good work/life balance environment and build a team with unity and harmony.

   ◆ Progressive: always aim high.


Corporate Goal: to be a well-known enterprise in control valve industry both at home and abroad.

   ◆ A confluence of domestic talents for control valve, the introduction of the most advanced technology 

        from Europe and America, orientation of imported quality, construction of sound marketing network,
        becoming a well-known enterprise for control valve in China.

   ◆ Promote our products to the international market by teaming up with foreign partners, and

        devote to become a world-famous enterprise for control valve.


Product Objective: quality rivals that of European and American counterparts, pursuing perfectness.
   ◆ Technology originates from the most advanced control valve in Europe.

   ◆ Joint venture with leading foreign enterprises for control valve.

   ◆ Product localization in steps, but the quality will rival with those imported.

   ◆ Each part and every process are well designed, with great appearance and pursuing perfectness.

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