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Service Commitment

Valcam established a comprehensive set of service system basing on the characteristics of industrial product and control valve, and meanwhile, provides the Chinese customers with the valve with quality rivals imported products and perfect valve-added service.
  1. Providing a technical forum and materials for type selection.
  2. Valcam provides a detailed technical specifications and service condition of primary products.
  3. Proper selection of Valvam′s product series in accordance with technical specs, calculation and

      type selection. 
  4. If a calculation and selection table provided by a user, Valcam will make a check on it. If there

      are any questions, please contact with the relevant unit and department immediately.
  5. Post sale service is available after signing the contract. We shall cooperate with users and  

      designing institutes for modification and supplement of the contract.
  6. We assure that the goods will be delivered to working field on time or ahead of schedule.
  7. Before commissioning, we shall dispatch professional debugging persons to help users for

      redebugging all of valves to ensure a trial run successful at the first run.
  8. We have a free training for users in the use of valve and maintenance staff. 
  9. After products been used, customers returning visit shall be carried out periodically and tracking

      on operation condition.
 10. If any problems happened at site, arrival at the site shall be done within 24 hours upon

       receiving the notice from a buyer and 12 hours for an emergency.
 11. Our guarantee period for 12 months and free spare parts during the period and will replace any

       defective products free of charge.


Quality Control

  1. Passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification which is carried out strictly in

     accordance with the procedures.
  2. ERP management system has been applied to the new factory in China successfully.
  3. The technology originates from North America and Germany which have the most
  4. Products have been proven successful in enormous applications in imported whole set solutions

      both at home and abroad.
  5. Product inspection complies with Chinese and American Standards before they leave factory.

  6. Products are under control in every steps from initial calculation, type selection, placing an

     order,material purchase, warehouse management, parts processing, valve assembly, debugging,

     packing, delivery, return visit, etc. 
  •  Customers provide with the detailed technological parameter of control valve 
  •  We can choose Valcam′s own products which meet the requirements of actual work condition

     with the help of  calculation of automatic selecting software and type selection
  •  Valcam determines the upper and lower limits of product stock according to the plan sales and

      will alarm when reaches below the lower limit.
  •  Upon receipt of customer order, a productive task sheet will be from the market department in

     accordance with the contract requirements. The task sheet is the core of production and quality

     management and must be countersigned by all related departments which will determine their

     respective plans accordingly.
  •  Qualified subcontractors are strictly controlled on their purchases, inspected regularly and must

     sign a technical agreement and provide with the corresponding inspection reports for each order.
  •  Raw materials and bought-in components must be inspected strictly as per the technical

     agreement and technical requirements, and put in storage after inspection qualified.
  •  First inspection, self-checking and final inspection are carried out on parts which are put in

     storage only for qualified ones.
  •  According to general assembly drawings and cards for assembly which shall comply with  the

     operating procedures.
  •  Each valve shall be inspected for each item as specified in the inspection procedure for control

     valve, and kept records by inspector. Each one has its unique product code and a check card

     after test qualified which are available in electronic and document forms, and can be traced back

     to historical records under any circumstance, which ensures effective permanent management

     for each valve to be supplied to customers. The valve can be packed and put in storage only

     after tested up to standard.
  •  Valcam can provide many kinds of materials from carbon steel to alloys. Material selection is

     based on all working conditions (medium, temperature and pressure, etc) and  environmental

     conditions (tropical zone, cold zone, etc) to ensure the best service life of the valve.
  •  In the process of production, NDT will be carried out on each part in Valcam, and the test

     standard will conform to the domestic and international standard mainly including X-ray,UT,

     MT and PT (for machining and welded parts), as well as detection means for thickness, surface

     precision and hardness, impact toughness, degreasing and phosphating process, etc.
  •  Valcam is extremely strict with test for the integral performance of valves and its test standard is

     higher than domestic or similar standard.
  •  Established a set of comprehensive material identification system, and control valve has a code

     and an identification number which is easy for factory management and future reference.
  •  The valve will be carried out spraying, colouring, blind plate blocking, packing and final inspection

      after test qualified.
  7. Each part and every process are well designed, with great appearance.
  8. It is achieved that the localization of foreign imported products has the same quality of original


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