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VC5100 Special Seat Eccentric Ball Valve



Integral valve body, avoids the leakage of the body, unaffected by pipeline, bolt stress or sudden

      change of pressure, with good vibration resistance.
  ◆Streamlined eccentric cavity butterfly valve body provides a economical high-capacity flow path and

      spherical cap is hidden owing to the rotation of a full angle, which maximizes the capacity, lowers flow

      resistance and increases flow capacity. Thus makes it possible to use a smaller size and more

      economical valve.
  ◆The double eccentric design that stem axis deviates from both spherical cap and the center of valve

      body with a structure of spherical surface linear seal, which makes the sealing pair moving in a cam in

      the course of open-close operation of the valve, and the effect is realized that the sealing pair is

      separated when the spherical cap opens, and the pair is sealed when the cap closes. Greatly reducing

      the opening resistance moment, decreasing extrusion abrasion and prolonging the useful life of seat.
  ◆As a result of the structure design of using fixed ball, most of stresses are eliminated promptly on the

      valve body and line pipe and other stresses acted on the stem is dispelled on the upper and lower axle

      sleeves of the stem when a super pressure of upstream medium acts on spherical cap, and therefore

      the useful life of the valve is extended.
  ◆The special patented seat referenced the principle of flow characteristic of cage throttle orifice provides

       choices of orifices on the seat with different characteristics which avoids many disadvantages that

       orificing will be carried out in terms of flow characteristic of the valve plug opening, thus not only

       guaranteeing the control performance of valve, but also prolonging the useful life of valve.
  ◆The seat adopts a special design, when the valve acts, it can scrape off particles clung on spherical

       cap for preventing the scratch on sealing face from foreign matter, and the sharp edge can cut off

       coking or agglomerate. It can do both self-cleaning and avoiding valve plug jammed.
  ◆The rotation of eccentric spherical cap adopts the structure of double axle sleeves, with high

       mechanical stability and minimized starting torque, which ensures the valve with excellent sensitivity

       and induction speed.


Type of Valve Body: straight-through casting/forged eccentric ball valve
  ◆Nominal Pressure: PN16,PN25,PN40,PN50,PN64, etc.
  ◆Pressure Rating: ANSI Class150,300
  ◆Nominal Dia.:DN25~400; Port: 1″~16″
  ◆Valve Body Material: WCB,CF8(304),CF8M(316),CF3M(316L), etc.
  ◆Stem Material:304,316,17-4PH,316L, etc.
  ◆Plug Material: CF8,CF8M,CF3M(316L), reinforced ceramics, etc.
  ◆Material, Seat and Fixed Loop: PTFE,304,316,316L,reinforced ceramic, etc.
  ◆Hardening Treatment: overlay STL, surface hardening tungsten carbide, carborundum, etc.
  ◆Working Temperature :soft seal for -20~+250℃; hard seal for -45~+450℃ 
  ◆Leakage Class: soft seal for ANSI Class VI; hard seal for ANSI Class V and Class VI


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