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VC6300 Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve


  ◆Triple eccentric seal butterfly valve optimized the contact characteristics between seal pairs; the contact

      angle of sealing face is more than the range of conical degree locked, the possibility of seizing-up is

      eliminated from the geometry; the elasticity of seal makes valve body and valve clack contacted or

      expanded, which avoids the danger of blocking and seizing-up caused by temperature fluctuation.
  ◆The seat, which is designed for oblique-cone integral, and machined on the body for a good rigidity

    , and greatly decreases the opportunity that the seat contacts with medium directly and thus reduces the

      degree of seat eroded for prevention leakage of valve. The sealing ring fixed on disc has a minor

      tolerance in the diameter direction. The sealing ring can stretch and move slightly along the radial

      direction when the valve opens and closes, and therefore the seat can be also sealed when a reversed

      pressure even arises.
  ◆The seal-ring seat can choose the seal structures of elastic sheet metal hard seal and PTFE soft seal,

      or soft-hard layered seal structure of stainless steel sheet metal and flexible graphite flake are also

      available option, and this makes it enjoy both advantages of metal hard seal and elastomer seal.
  ◆Seat seal ring is fixed by bolt in ellipse distribution which conforms to the Featuress of sealing surface

      form of triple eccentric butterfly valve, not only positioning accurately, also making each of bolt stressed

      evenly, and prevents seal pair from becoming loose resulted from uneven distribution of stress and

      leakage caused by occurrence of deformed clearance. The sealing ring can stretch and move slightly

      along the radial direction when the valve opens and closes, and therefore the seat can be also sealed

      when a reversed pressure even arises. 


  ◆Nominal pressure: PN10,PN16,PN40,PN50, etc.
  ◆Pressure Rating: ANSI Class150,300
  ◆Nominal Dia:DN80~1500; Port: 3″~60″
  ◆Valve Body Material: WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3M, etc.
  ◆Material, Stem, Vane: CF8(304),CF8M(316)、CF3M(316L), etc.
  ◆Seat Material: PTFE,C-PTFE,304,316,316L
  ◆Material Treatment of Seal Pair: overlay STL,, surface hardening SiC, WC
  ◆Working Temperature:
      soft seal  -40~+220℃
      hard seal  -40~+600℃
  ◆The Range of Travel: controlled 60°,90°; shutoff 90°
  ◆Adjustable Ratio: 60°opening for 30:1, 90°opening for 50:1
  ◆Leakage Class: soft seal for ANSI  Class VI
      hard seal for ANSI Class V, Class VI
  ◆ End Connections: wafer, flanged,


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