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VC6400 Fluorine-Lined (Rubber-Lined) Butterfly Valve


  ◆Fluorine-lined butterfly valve adopts split-type body, and the joint face of upper and lower body has

      retaining nest for ensuring the shaft hole on body in concentricity.
  ◆The internal surface of channel of valve body of fluorine-lined butterfly valve and the external surface of

      disc are smooth, which make it realize low fluid resistance, high CV and large capacity.
  ◆The disc and stem of fluorine-lined butterfly valve are in an integral structure, which makes the disc

      centered with greater precision. Since the disc at both sides of rotating shaft bear approximately equal

      but reverse acting forces from medium, which makes the opening/closing and operating easy with

      small torque needed.
  ◆There is a stress slot on the stem of fluorine-lined butterfly valve as overload protection. It is designed

      for blow-out proof, safe and reliable.
  ◆The lining of seat of rubber-lined butterfly valve adopts mould pressing on the body. There is no

      leakage between seat and body, which avoids the displacement of seat under pressure, and also

      reduces the rubber shrinkage, and improves the precision of sealing face of the seat, and ensures

      sealing property and operating torque of the product.


  ◆Type of Valve: centerline fluorine-lined (rubber-lined) butterfly valve
  ◆Nominal Pressure:PN6,PN10,PN16
  ◆Pressure Rating: ANSI Class125,150
  ◆Nominal Dia.:DN40~800
  ◆Trim Material: WCB+FEP(PTFE);CF8(304)+FEP(PTFE);
      CF8M(316)+FEP(PTFE), etc.
      WCB/CF8/CF8M+EDPM/NBR, etc; 304, 316
  ◆Working Temperature: 
      fluorine-lined butterfly valve for -40~+180℃
      rubber-lined butterfly valve for -20~+150℃
  ◆Leakage Class: ANSI Class V, Class VI
  ◆End Connections: wafer, flanged,


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