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Product Series: VC9000 VC3000 VC2000 VC5000 VC6000 VC8000 VC7000 VC4000 Actuators Accessories

VC9000 Series Sliding-Stem Control Valve
VC3000 Series Sliding-Stem Three-Way Control Valve
VC2000 Series Sliding-Stem Fluorine-Lined Control Valve
VC5000 Series Ball Control Valve
>> VC5100 Special Seat Eccentric Ball Valve
>> VC5200 O-Type Shut-Off Ball Valve
>> VC5300 Fluorine-Lined Ball Valve
>> VC5400 Three-Way Ball Valve
VC6000 Series Butterfly Control Valve
>> VC6100 Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve
>> VC6300 Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
>> VC6400 Fluorine-Lined Butterfly Valve
>> VC6500 Disc Butterfly Valve
VC8000 Series Self-operated Control Valve
>> VC8100 Ordinary Self-operated Pressure Control Valve
>> VC8200 Self-operated Differential Pressure /Micro-pressure Control Valve
>> VC8300 Pilot-operated Pressure Control Valve
VC7000 Series High Pressure Control Valve
>> VC7100 Angle High Pressure Control Valve
>> VC7300 Globe High Pressure Control Valve
>> VC7400 Ball High Pressure Control Valve
VC4000 Series Cryogenic Control Valve
>> Pneumatic
>> VCZ Springless Piston Actuator
>> VCZ Diaphragm Actuator
>> VCR Series Rotary Rack-and-Pinion Actuator
>> Electric
>> Positioner
>> Air Set
>> Solenoid Valve
>> Limit Switch
>> Locked Valve
>> Quick Exhaust Valve
>> Speed Controller
VC8300 Pilot-operated Pressure Control Valve

  ◆Pressure setting can be completed on the diaphragm manipulator putting detect and control functions

      into integral, and users can continue to set or adjust the set point in process, with easy and fast

  ◆Actuator and manipulator are highly sensitive and a minimal pressure change can be also checked.
  ◆Detecting & control elements are made from heat-resisting material, and are no need of condenser

      when working in the condition of steam under 200℃.


  ◆ Type of Valve: self-operated
  ◆Nominal Dia: DN20~DN200
  ◆ Nominal Pressure:PN10,PN16;
  ◆Pressure Rating: ANSI Class150
  ◆Body Material: ZG230-450、ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti、ZGCr18Ni12Mo2Ti
  ◆Flow Cv: 6-150
  ◆Flow Characteristic: quick opening
  ◆Precision adjustment: ≤5
  ◆Leakage Class: ANSI Class IV;
  ◆End Connections: flanged


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