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Product Series: VC9000 VC3000 VC2000 VC5000 VC6000 VC8000 VC7000 VC4000 Actuators Accessories

VC9000 Series Sliding-Stem Control Valve
VC3000 Series Sliding-Stem Three-Way Control Valve
VC2000 Series Sliding-Stem Fluorine-Lined Control Valve
VC5000 Series Ball Control Valve
>> VC5100 Special Seat Eccentric Ball Valve
>> VC5200 O-Type Shut-Off Ball Valve
>> VC5300 Fluorine-Lined Ball Valve
>> VC5400 Three-Way Ball Valve
VC6000 Series Butterfly Control Valve
>> VC6100 Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve
>> VC6300 Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
>> VC6400 Fluorine-Lined Butterfly Valve
>> VC6500 Disc Butterfly Valve
VC8000 Series Self-operated Control Valve
>> VC8100 Ordinary Self-operated Pressure Control Valve
>> VC8200 Self-operated Differential Pressure /Micro-pressure Control Valve
>> VC8300 Pilot-operated Pressure Control Valve
VC7000 Series High Pressure Control Valve
>> VC7100 Angle High Pressure Control Valve
>> VC7300 Globe High Pressure Control Valve
>> VC7400 Ball High Pressure Control Valve
VC4000 Series Cryogenic Control Valve
>> Pneumatic
>> VCZ Springless Piston Actuator
>> VCZ Diaphragm Actuator
>> VCR Series Rotary Rack-and-Pinion Actuator
>> Electric
>> Positioner
>> Air Set
>> Solenoid Valve
>> Limit Switch
>> Locked Valve
>> Quick Exhaust Valve
>> Speed Controller
VC7400 High Pressure Ball Valve


  ◆Adopting VALCAM's special seat with patented technique to improve the quality and precision of valve

  ◆Plug is in an eccentric design which can avoid a great unbalanced moment, and as a result of cam

     effect, throttle wear can be reduced in on-off process and the requirement of action speed of shutoff

     valve can be also realized.
  ◆Seat and plug processed through advanced technology, with good abrasion resistant and corrosion

     resisting properties.
  ◆The seat in a noise reduction and anti-cavitation design fits in the very severe applications.
  ◆Trim is made from anti-erosion and anti-cavitation materials with good hardness and tenacity by

      special treatment, which increases the stiffness of moving part and eliminates cracking.


  ◆Nominal Pressure:PN100,PN160,PN220,PN320,PN420
  ◆Pressure Rating: ANSI Class600,900,1500,2500 
  ◆Nominal Dia:DN25~200
  ◆Working Temperature: -45~+540℃(according to on-site conditions)
  ◆Leakage Class:
      Superior to ANSI B16.104 Class IV; Equivalent to ANSI B16.104 Class V.
      Superior to GB/T4213-2008 Class IV; Equivalent to GB/T4213-2008 Class V


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